An Offer She Cant Refuse #1

Autor: J. Garcia

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

J. Garcia presents the latest spicy addiction to her fans. Angelica Kimper is a kind, willful small town girl. Her gypsy rooted family moved to Italy when she was young. While growing up she anad her cousin were repeatedly teased by the other kids. Johnny Luciano, in particular, was worst among them, the bully leader. She was more than happy when the Luciano family business struck gold and moved to the city to live.  Now, Johnny was back in town, a filthy rich, intimidating Sicilian and back to making her life unbearable. Angelica is left painfully distressed after the huge debt her family owes threatens to sieze their dear small business.Johnny then approaches her offering to pay off her family's debt. In return, Johnny wants only thing. For the memorizing woman who was once his biggest crush to share his bed fulfilling his every need. He's shocked to find out his beautiful Angelica is still a virgin, however, even that's not enough to defer him from taking what he desires. He might've failed in wooing her as a brawny teenage boy, but this time, she has a red blooded man with power and prestige to deal with.Poor Angelica is overwhelmed by Johnny Luciano's obscene proposal she has continued to refuse him like she did in the past. But with everything she holds dear at stake she'll have no other choice than to bargain herself to a man she hates and fears. 
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