120 Common Dreams and their Interpretations With

Autor: Dr. Olusola Coker

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

One of the many ways God communicate with us is through Dreams, He made promise that he would talk to his own people through dreams in the last days.90% of revelation knowledge that we need in order to overcome our problem can be revealed to us in the dreams and it is said that to be informed is to be transformed.  Dreams can come from God, it can come from man,  it can also come from the  Devil. if you cannot interpreter your dreams properly, then there is no solution to your problem as you may not know how to address it.  Hence,  this book will help you interpret your dreams and  enough prayers to back it up.If you do not dream at all or you feel you do not dream, then this could be very dangerous.  If God want to talk to you, you will definitely not hear because the communication chain has been blocked. Please note that only aggressively prayers will deliver you from not remembering your dreams, it should be taken very seriously.
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