Facing & Solving Problems

Autor: Ammar Moussa

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

"Problem" is a hateful word means that an unwelcome guest is knocking the door and our mode is probably about to change negatively. An endless queue of those unwelcome guests is waiting there at the door, and most of them don't even have the minimum courtesy to knock the door first and wait for our permission before they throw themselves into our life, like we don't feel that life already miserable enough without them. Problems just keep coming one after another until we become totally exhausted at some point where simple missions become hard and painful like lifting rocks, all our efforts in self-energy management become useless, and perhaps we fall sick. Finally, if we are lucky enough, we will find ourselves respected guests in a luxurious ICU suite, surrounded by the angels of mercy wearing their elegant white dresses. They will be standing there watching us helpless and just wondering if we are going to witness the next sunrise or not. Oh sorry, that was so dramatic… let's roll back… Why we don't just try to change the scenario from the early beginning, maybe we can end with a happier closure.
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