Don't ask why

Autor: B. Waldegard

Wydawnictwo: epubli

On Castle Goede erotism rustled in every corner as Gudrun arrived to visit Erich, the Lord of the Castle. Already the second day she fell in love with him. He's a tender guy but shows his macho mind quite often . From day to day she got more into a whirl of passion and submission. She had been a chief secretary and used to act independently. Now she got under the spell of Erich who introduced her into all kinds of love, the sensual, gentle, wild and sometimes brutal ectasy, and took out her hidden subaltern nature. The other residents had their share on it. Thus she came to know the same-gender love and S&M-practise too. At the end of her holiday she passed the 'test' and became the Lady of the Castle as wife of Erich.
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