Our Cool Run to Sturgis 2017

Autor: Lothar R. Schulz

Wydawnictwo: Books on Demand

A special kind of travel journal... A German rides to the largest motorcycle party in the world with a 92ci (1500cc) Victory bike and some good American friends from St. Paul (Minnesota) to "STURGIS" (South Dakota). He lets the reader/viewer get a taste of his impressions of the landscapes, people, experiences, and the American way of living. It is a book of a road trip with many expressive images that speak for themselves ... Anyone who has not been there by now at least has the opportunity to get a taste of the great freedom, the "Big Event" - the "Sturgis Bike Week" - and also the diverse and breathtaking scenes of nature from the author´s perspective, such as the prairie, the Badlands, and the Black Hills. He or she should get a little taste of all this, and also a little appetite, ... Yes, he or she should long for a bit MORE ... Because at the right time, nothing is cooler than the inner attitude to life according to the Native American motto: Let it go with the flow ...! The cover photo shows the author (left) and his American buddy John (right) on the way to Sturgis on the outskirts of "White River", which they have taken shortly after a refueling stop. PS: In the book's appendix, many "links" have been added for people who also feel like experiencing the wild beauty of this unspoiled South Dakota country. In addition, a highly recommended American travel guide around the Bike Week in Sturgis is presented.
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