Madeira Roundtrip

Autor: Roman Plesky

Wydawnictwo: epubli

Blurb: "Flower Island in the Atlantic" is just one of the many decorative names for the Pearl of the Atlantic. "Daughter of the volcano", "bride of the wind", "Garden Island" or "island of eternal spring" is also called Madeira. The green volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic has so much to offer. Steep high mountains and romantic coasts, unique lauraze forests and a fantastic blooming, picturesque villages and a truly charming capital. Let us discover "The Flower Island of the Atlantic". Step by step, frame by frame. Do you want to discover this incredible natural spectacle of Madeira at close range? Do you want to go to the most beautiful places, that has the Atlantic Pearl to offer? Do you want to shoot the most spectacular holiday pictures? Then this E-Book is the right tool for you! In this e-book, you will be inspired by the countless countryside and city photos. At the same time learns the user with the help of Google Maps locating, how to goes to the photo shot spots or where the pictures are taken from. Here you can try by self the high art of photography. The author is wishing a good success and a memorable holiday in one of the most breath taking area on this world.
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