Capri in 5 Days

Autor: Roman Plesky

Wydawnictwo: epubli

Blurb: Exceptionally magnificent vegetation, rugged cliffs, craggy coasts, breathtaking panoramas, with all sorts of blue colored sea and countless mysterious grottoes, all this can be found on the beautiful island of Capri. Of course, one should not forget the sinking Red Capri sun sung in famous German hit song and the often painted moonlit shimmering Faraglioni rocks. But Capri is also a fashionable island of many caves and stairs that should definitely be seen. Do you want to discover this historic and colorful Mediterranean island at close range? Do you want to go to the most beautiful places on this Island? Do you want to shoot the most spectacular holiday pictures? Although you only have 5 days vacation? Then this E-Book is the right tool for you! In this e-book, the countless countryside and city photos will inspire you. At the same time learns the user with the help of Google Maps locating, how to goes to the photo shot spots or where the pictures are taken from. Here you can try by self the high art of photography. The author is wishing a good success and a memorable holiday on the most beautiful island in the world. AT THE MOMENT THE LATEST TOUR GUIDE ABOUT CAPRI! BENEFIT FROM CURRENT INFORMATION ABOUT THE CONDITION OF THE ATTRACTIONS SPECIALLY IN THE CHAPTER "UP TO DATE"!
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