I'm so over the Bauhaus

Autor: M.H. Peters

Wydawnictwo: epubli

Rebecka, a graphic designer from Berlin, wants to pursue her dream of becoming a painter. In a stroke of luck she lands an artist's residency for a year in a small seaside town in Kent. The residency is provided by Peter and Fernando, a gay couple, who own an art gallery with studio above. Life in this coastal town suits her and she quickly makes friends among the locals. Filled with enthusiasm Rebecka is eager to get stuck into her artistic projects but before she has a chance to put  even a single brushstroke on canvas she becomes romantically entangled with last year’s resident, a charming Irishman. But wasn’t this year to be all about her art and would Conor be too much of a distraction?  And there is also Ben, a friend who lives a life so different from her own but whom she is increasingly drawn to.
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