Doorways to Freedom

Autor: Bernd Strohmeyer

Wydawnictwo: Books on Demand

This book tells you about issues that are crucial to life. The stories and poems collected here not only illustrate typical human problems and conflicts - they also provide a basis for getting advice and finding solutions. Along with the exceptional graphics, these narratives - which are couched in the symbolic language of the fantastical imagination, of fable and fairy tale - point you in the direction of truths and possibilities. They take a thoroughly realistic view of habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior, with the aim of illustrating different ways of looking at things, different ways of being, opening up doorways to self-determination and encouraging readers to bring about healing changes in their lives. So an ant, for example, suddenly experiences loneliness, and leaves its nest to look for a remedy, a young woman bound on an adventurous journey faces up to her fears, and decides to become a free person; a water droplet experiences how its existence is transformed and renewed - all this with lots of surprising twists and turns, told in exciting and poetic style. This book offers the gift of life wisdom, so that we can come to a better understanding of who we are and what we need.
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