The Awakening Of The Last Man

Autor: Nikodem Skrobisz

Wydawnictwo: Books on Demand

It´s the year 2137. The world found peace and is completely digitalised. An omnipotent A.I. is governing the world and robots are doing the labour. Universal basic income is available for everyone. Humans therefore don´t do anything of importance anymore and are spending their days with drugs, sexrobots and virtual realities. The world seems to have reached a utopia. At least according to most. Edgar becomes depressed, he refuses to consume drugs and sex, and begins to ponder and write his thoughts in a diary. He feels that something is missing in his life. Something that can not be satisfied by any machine or material good. Soon he realizes that what he seeks is the meaning of life - something no drug and no virtual reality can provide. A philosophical journey begins.
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