Beyond Cryptographic Routing: The Echo Protocol in the new Era of Exponential Encryption (EEE)

Autor: Mele Gasakis

Wydawnictwo: Books on Demand

This book along with the essay "Beyond Cryptographic Routing: The Echo Protocol in the Era of Exponential Encryption" describe a new protocol: The Echo Protocol and its characteristics with respect to Graph-Theory, Routing-Theory, Networking and Encryption. As a contrast to the TCP protocol, the ECHO is a protocol without routing information. Instead, it's a multi- and hybrid-encryption concept. A network node sends packets to all connections. This creates the new network type of a flooding network, which is particularly interesting in the context of anonymizing mix networks like Tor or I2P and other. The modes of operation of the Echo Protocol like Full, Half or Adaptive Echo and sub-protocols of the Echo protocol like the POPTASTIC protocol (which is encrypted chat over e-mail servers) or the SECRED protocol (which is a kind of cryptographic discovery like in a DHT) complement further interesting innovations: Some Servers will learn someday through being instructed by private cryptographic tokens. For encryption there are also many new inventions discussed like: Secret Streams, Pass-Through PatchPoints, Cryptographic Calling, Fiasco Forwarding, or IPFS - Instant Perfect Forward Secrecy even through E-mail, based on symmetric as well as asymmetric keys. Many new cryptographic innovations are ready to use by the given Echo Clients like Spot-On, GoldBug Crypto Chat, Smoke or Lettera and some other, which overtook these ideas already. These innovations lead to a new Era of Exponential Encryption, which is defined by new thinking and acting as well as new ways of multi-encryption. The resulting tendency consists in the authors' vision of encryption and decryption going into the direction of exponential multiplication: for used keys, for options to decode ciphertext of ciphertext to ciphertext, for taken routes, for duplicated messages and congestion filters, as well as for several Fiasco keys used for the keys of several friend and their messages. The authors analyze this environment and identify four arms of the Era of Exponential Encryption, discuss these and give social, economic, political, legal and educational recommendations. New multiplied directions in encryption? File-Sharing or Web browsing through a new Tor2 based on the POPTASTIC Echo? The Echo's growth is independent from a reader or observer. TCP is fluid but bounded. The Echo is boundless and just limited to the imagination of those imagining to create things from simple concepts.
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