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Have you been diagnosed with a fatty liver or just worried about your liver? The liver is the second largest organ in the body and it has variety of functions. The truth is a healthy life is a product of a healthy liver and one of the best way to maximize your health is through what you eat. When you eat healthy, it becomes a powerful weapon to cleanse and detoxify the liver. Fatty liver is one of the major diseases worldwide, if not treated on time, it can lead to liver scarring, permanent liver damage and liver failure which can be life threating situation. An average estimates of around 20–46 percent of the adult suffer from this disease especially in the Westernized countries. If you want to stay healthy and live longer, then what you need is a collection of liver friendly, detoxifying and cleansing recipes you will find in this book. This book is carefully written to you equip you with easy and delicious recipes that can: Detoxify and cleanse the blood stream Increased energy levels Help with weight control Improve immune function Efficient fat metabolism Help repair a damaged liver The good news is, the recipes in this book has been proven to work for millions. Take that bold step today and reverse that fatty liver" towards an improved liver function. The ultimate goal of having a healthy liver rest on your decision today!
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