Dart Tournament Results for Eastern Europe and the Baltic States

Autor: Nigel Boeg

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

This book has been compiled to provide details of tournament winners and runners up of tournaments played in Eastern Europe and Baltic States. Every effort has been used to identify winners and runners up of tournaments and in some cases there will be results "missing". If these can be identified they will be included in another edition of this book in the future. There maybe errors with names being mispelt and that ladies surnames may have changed but I've put in an enormous time and effort to correctly record the results of the tournaments. There are probably other tournaments that have been played in these countries but I've only been able to identify these ones. Research that has been completed for this book is to provide the reader and dart enthuiast information on books and links to web sites of dart manufacturers, Professional Bodies and Organisations, dart stores, and Country Darts Organisations. This is not a comprehensive list but it begins the work of collating details of darts into one place instead of being scattered around the World Wide Web across many sites and publications. I hope you enjoy the book.
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