The key to your true self

Autor: Silvia Kaufer

Wydawnictwo: Books on Demand

Can potatoes grow on a walnut tree? Or, can radishes grow on an apple tree? No, of course not! The farmer must decide whether he wants to harvest potatoes or apples first. Exactly like the decision we must make with what we want to reap in our lives. Not every seed will germinate and sometimes an entire harvest will be destroyed. But, the law of sowing and reaping also applies to our lives: Only that which we sow ourselves can we reap. So far my life has resembled a roller coaster ride, involving everything from health problems to massive anxiety and panic attacks. Nevertheless, I never gave up and fought against all odds to achieve my personal goals. People often ask me how I solved one or more problems or how I conquered my panic attacks and that was the reason I wrote this book. This little guide is for all who are already successful and want to become even more successful. So, let us take a little adventurous trip through our own EGO. You learn a lot about the most important personality characteristics, the four pillars of life, the valley of thoughts, as well as the deep abyss of the subconscious mind. Furthermore, you will receive valuable tips and ways to achieve these goals, as well as simple but very effective mental exercises for relaxation and solution solving.
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