Online Communication in the Context of Personal, Virtual and Corporate Identity Formation

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The implementation of digital media in our today's communication has a strong impact on the media behaviours in the society. In the last decades, great importance is given to the protection of the personality rights in the context of the new media. Since our communication is a media based communication, its impact on the construction of reality affects the normative value pattern of societies. To understand new media as a central aspect of our mediatised world, it has to be located and analysed both in the communicative and normative system. Today, social media is not anymore based on user generated content, but is now turned to a platform for business makers with and in the context of Big Data. This book will discuss the formation of differnt identities as a result of different ways of new media usage. It includes on the one hand online communication between personal and virtual identities. It discuss researches about online identity and online anonymity, Self-presentation strategies by using online dating platforms, the phenomenon of Internet Mothers, as well as the potential of cyberbullying of Snapchat. On the other hand online communication between corporate and new business strategies.It describes and discusses the evolution of television, changes of music consumer habits caused by music on-deman tends, and the impact of social media operations in maintaining brand reputation. This book is located between user generated content and professional applications and regards itself as a contribution to a media discourse in a mediatized and globalized world.
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