Betriebliche Aufträge als Prüfungsform

Wydawnictwo: Bertelsmann, W

The reform of the industrial metal and electrical occupations led to the implementation of a new practical examination method, namely the Operational Order (Betrieblicher Auftrag). In the context of this approach, the examination as well as the examination preparation are derived from real-life business processes within the training company and implemented on site. This method reduces the company's efforts to a minimum and ensures the practical relevance of the examination. What are the particulars of the Operational Order and what is the purpose of the following technical discussion and documentation? What are the benefits for the companies and how can these benefits be used? The guideline holds the answers to these questions. It provides trainers, training officers and examiners from the metal and electrical industry with tips and practical examples to ensure the successful preparation and implementation of the new examination approach.
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