Der Markt für Qualifizierungsberatung

Wydawnictwo: Bertelsmann, W

Continuous professional development consultancy is particularly important for small and medium-sized companies. However, external qualification consultancy is hardly ever called upon. The service range of qualification consultancy can hardly be recognised, the effect mechanisms are unclear. The aim of this publication is to increase the transparency for the various consultancy offers and thus to improve the levels of acceptance of qualification consultancy. The publication is aimed at educational advisors and is based on the experiences and results of the project "Strukturen und Strategien für eine marktfähige Qualifizierungsberatung - MarQa" (structures and strategies for marketable qualification consultancy - MarQa) of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research. Different action options are uncovered in order to position qualification consultancy more clearly on the consultancy market and to increase marketability.
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