Guide To Enhancing The International Student Experience For Germany

Autor: Nannette Ripmeester

Wydawnictwo: Bertelsmann, W

Global Village - the world becomes a village. We shouldn't wonder why more and more people go abroad for their studies. Universities need to react to this development and respond to the particular requirements and needs of foreign students. Those that do, will be popular as a location of study and will be recommended further. The English book offers insights into the results of the GATE-Germany study regarding the International Student Barometer, during the course of which 12,300 foreign students of 45 German Universities were interviewed about their satisfaction with the provisions of their location of study. With the help of the results a comprehensive picture of the needs of foreign students may be painted. Universities can optimise their provisions accordingly. An overview of the areas studied - Application and arrival - Culture and social integration - Accommodation and living - Learning environment - Quality of teaching and learning support - Fees, money and financing - Career and labour marketability
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