Beratungswissen für die Erwachsenenbildung

Autor: Cornelia Maier-Gutheil

Wydawnictwo: Bertelsmann, W

On the basis of a theoretical foundation of the understanding of what counselling means, the authors describe various forms of differentiation, counselling, guidance methods and options for the professionalisation and for quality development. Their work focuses on structural and action-related principles for interaction in counselling processes. These include a specific basic attitude, settings, counselling phases and roles, as well as a core plot for guidance. The study text is subdivided into sections discussing basic formats (e.g. counselling and guidance for learning, study courses, further education, career advice) and special formats (e.g. coaching, mediation, mentoring, etc.). An overview of prerequisites for professionalisation and quality development in counselling, as well as research desiderata round off the volume. The comprehensive bibliography of literature sources and a link directory, questions for reflection and better understanding of the content and didactic supplements allow an active examination of the topic.
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