Cultural Identities in Europe

Wydawnictwo: Königshausen u. Neumann

R. Nate / V. Gutsche: „Introduction“ – O. Berezenska / A. L. Borgstedt / C. Engelhardt / P. Franz / E.-M. Kocher: “Europe - A Collective Identity?” – K. Farrell: “Beyond Multiculturalism” – K. Kazzazi: “On ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ Kinds of Multilingualism: The Influence of Language Prestige on Multilingual Identity” – K. Luttermann: “Languages in Dialogue for European Identity” – P. Ruspini: “The European Migration System and the Development of the EU External Migration Policy: A Critical Review” – S. Schieren: “’Independence in Europe’? The Scottish Quest for Independence after the Elections of 2011” – R. Nate: “National and International Orientations in Twentieth Century German Youth Movements” – J. S. Partington: “Wales Strikes Back: British Media Coverage of Cardiff City Football Club’s Victory in the English F. A. Cup, 1927” – K. Fia³kowska: “German Washing Powder Versus Polish Sausage: An Analysis of Practices of Polish Seasonal Workers in Germany and Their Impact on Identity” – B. Isenberg: “Assimilitis - The Realities of Joseph Roth” – V. Shamina: “The Loss of National Identity as a Theme in Recent Russian Literature” – B. B. Becker: “To Write is to Return”: Alexandria in the Western Mind”
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