The Year I lost when I had a Stroke

Autor: Gerda Nischan

Wydawnictwo: Frankfurter Literaturverlag

Gerda, 75, lives in Greenville, North Carolina. A former war child from Germany, she’s a person of great courage, accustomed to face challenges. She has traveled the globe by herself, given readings as an author at world-famous venues. But above all, she’s a healthy person. Out of the blue, she gets a stroke. And all of a sudden, she’s confronted with an unknown helplessness and uncertain future. So is her son Michael, a risk manager. From one day to the next his mother becomes his „client number one.” Making his first experiences as a patient advocate, he gains a second full-time job. He organizes an e-mail communication with friends of the family, sharing any relevant news with them and appealing to their support, to motivate his mother. A visit, phone call or post card is enough. Meanwhile Gerda is in good hands, doing a rehab. Gerda can return home and focus on the healing process, regaining her independency and resuming her life. Instead of some smaller setbacks, each day is an improvement. Soon, Gerda can go back to the rehabilitation center – for an outpatient therapy. A book that does not only tell the story of a stroke patient, but is “a good reminder ... to never give up, regardless of the endeavor.” Because “it’s worth it.”
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