Survivor - Episode 3

Autor: Peter Anderson

Wydawnictwo: Bastei Lübbe

SURVIVOR: A digital serial novel in 12 episodes. Episode 3. The crew of the space ship SURVIVOR is stranded in a strange world. One of them, the black Frenchman Jacques D'Abo, has been seriously injured in a fight, losing his arm. Jabo, as he is called, grew up in a suburb of Paris. He has the special ability that his wounds heal all by themselves, which in his youth helped him to survive in a brutal milieu. But this gift cannot replace a missing limb. There is only one hope for Jabo: in a hall, men are patched up by some kind of medical machinery. Jabo thinks that the machines may heal him, too. Instead, the facility begins to transform him into a cyborg, half man, and half machine, programmed to kill all intruders - even his own friends.
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