Feel, Balance and Activate your Chakras

Autor: Reinhard Stengel

Wydawnictwo: Schirner Verlag

Our entire cosmos is filled with energy. There is no shortage of vital force or vitality. Everything vibrates and pulsates in resonance, virtually bursting with potential. This cosmic energy surrounds us, flows through us, supports and nourishes us. As living creatures in this cosmos we are naturally open to this energy. It sustains us, enabling us to live. A system of channels, the so called chakras, absorbs the energy and spreads it harmonically in our body and mind. The chakras allow us to feel subtle, ethereal energies. They extend our perception, connecting us deeply with the cosmos, our nature and other beings. Chakras perform essential functions for us, particularly in shamanic energy work for the soul; without balanced chakras, our lives lack harmony. This lack will then continue to permeate the conditions in which we live. The energy channels can be blocked by many forces such as environmental conditions, trauma, fear and other negative emotions. It is often necessary to reopen and harmonize the chakras so that we can readily absorb these free flowing energies and allow them to saturate our lives.
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