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Autor: Wilfried Weinke

Wydawnictwo: V&R unipress

Even before 1933, Heinz Liepman had positioned himself on Germany’s literary landscape. After fleeing the National Socialists to exile in France, England and America, he returned to Germany in 1947. The literary agency that he and his wife founded still exists today and is one of the most renowned agencies in the industry. Although Heinz Liepman remained a widely published journalist and radio broadcaster until his death, his name nevertheless fell into oblivion posthumously. Thanks to many years of research and personal contact with several of Liepman’s relatives, friends and colleagues, Wilfried Weinke succeeded in compiling a detailed biographical reconstruction of Liepman’s life and work. The abundance of unpublished letters and photographs not only illustrates the hardships of exile, but also depicts the arduousness of building one’s life back up in post-war Germany.
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