The Message Of New Thought

Autor: Abel Leighton Allen

Wydawnictwo: Jazzybee Verlag

New thought is the culmination of many recent cults, and this volume aims at a clear and distinct statement of the principles of the philosophy signified by the term. The author seeks to set forth the divergence between t(ie new system, orthodox creeds and Christian Science. Some of the chapter subjects are: definition of new thought, origin of the creeds, universal mind in man, man illimitable and unfinished, as a man thinketh, ethics of the creed, voices of the new free thought, the art of living. CONTENTS: Foreword Chapter I - New Thought Defined Chapter Ii - Origin Of The Creeds Chapter Iii - New Thought And The Creeds Chapter Iv - New Thought And Christian Science Chapter V - Universal Mind In Man Chapter Vi - Man Illimitable Chapter Vii - Man Unfinished Chapter Viii - As A Man Thinketh Chapter Ix - Ethics Of The Creeds Chapter X - Ethics Of New Thought Chapter Xi - Voices Of New Thought Chapter Xii - The Art Of Living
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