Tales Of Troy And Greece

Autor: Andrew Lang

Wydawnictwo: Jazzybee Verlag

Perhaps there are some who will think we as a publisher are overexacting in our demands for children's literature. Many of Dr. Church's adaptations have come to us, and we cannot claim that they have added much to our respect for Homer. We always feel that we are backed up when we declare that in this retelling process, the large ruggedness which rightfully belongs to the classic is lost in the mild care we take of the sensitiveness of children. One is immediately drawn to Tales of Troy and Greece. Mr. Lang treats of Ulysses, Mellager, Theseus, Perseus, and puts into his text more substance than is found in the ordinary adaptation or rewritten classic. Contents: Ulysses The Sacker Of Cities The Wanderings Of Ulysses The Fleece Of Gold Theseus Perseus This book is fully illustrated and annotated with a rare extensive biographical sketch of the author, Andrew Lang, written by Sir Edmund Gosse, CB, a contemporary poet and writer.
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