The American Generals

Autor: John Frost

Wydawnictwo: Jazzybee Verlag

The production of this work is the result of a want which has been long and sensibly felt. Although there are several collections of lives of American officers, there is none which comes down to this period, and none which contains a large number of lives. After the war with Mexico a lively curiosity respecting was awakened regarding the personal history of the officers who have distinguished themselves before that event; and this has led to a fresh desire for general information respecting the military history of the country. To meet this desire the present work has been written. Contents: Colonel Aaron Burr Alexander Hamilton Alexander Macomb Andrew Jackson Andrew Pickens Anthony Wayne Anthony Walton White Arthur St. Clair Baron De Kalb Benedict Arnold Benjamin Lincoln Charles Lee Daniel Morgan David Humphreys David E. Twiggs Eleazar Wheelock Ripley E. Pendleton Gaines Ethan Allen Francis Marion Friedrich Wilhelm Von Steuben. George Clinton George Croghan George Washington Gideon J. Pillow Gilbert Mottier La Fayette Henry Dearborn Henry Knox Horatio Lloyd Gates Hugh Mercer Isaac Roach Isaac Shelby Israel Putnam Jacob Brown James Clinton Jeremiah Wadsworth John Eager Howard John James John Laurens John A. Quitman John Stark John Sullivan John Trumbull John E. Wool Joseph Reed Joseph Warren Nathanael Greene Nathan Towson Otho H. Williams Peleg Wadsworth Peter B. Porter Philip Schuyler Richard M. Johnson Richard Montgomery. Colonel Seth Warner Thaddeus Kosciusko Thomas Mifflin Thomas Sumpter William Richardson Davie William Eaton William Henry Harrison William Heath William Moultrie William J. Worth Winfield Scott Zachary Taylor Zebulon Butler Zebulon Montgomery Pike
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