John Calvin's Commentaries On St. Paul's Epistles To The Galatians And Ephesians

Autor: John Calvin

Wydawnictwo: Jazzybee Verlag

Calvin produced commentaries on most of the books of the Bible. His commentaries cover the larger part of the Old Testament, and all of the new excepting Second and Third John and the Apocalypse. His commentaries and lectures stand in the front rank of Biblical interpretation. The extraordinary ability and skill displayed by CALVIN, in his COMMENTARIES on the Inspired Writings, have been set forth by almost all the Translators of this Series. I have always thought, and am happy to have the support of his latest Editor, Dr. Tholuck, that he is more successful in expounding the EPISTLES OF PAUL than in any other portion of Scripture. This might arise in part from having studied them with uncommon ardor and perseverance. The times in which he lived held out strong inducements to examine the great peculiarities of the Christian Faith. And where were these so likely to be found as in the writings of an Apostle whom the Spirit of God employed, more than all the others, in unfolding to the Church "the unsearchable riches of Christ?"
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