The Chronicles Of Jerahmeel

Autor: Moses Gaster

Wydawnictwo: Jazzybee Verlag

This is the extended and annotated edition including * an extensive annotation of more than 5.000 words about the history and evolution of the book we call 'The Bible' The Chronicles of Jerahmeel is a voluminous work that draws largely on Pseudo-Philo's earlier history of Biblical events and is of special interest because it includes Hebrew and Aramaic versions of certain deuterocanonical books in the Septuagint. The Chronicles were compiled from several Hebrew sources, some quite ancient and others more recent. (courtesy of Contents: Preface. Introduction. Compiler's Preface. The Formation Of The Child. The Beating Of The Grave. This Is The Description Of Gehinnom (Hell). Paradise. The Midrash Of Shemhazai And 'Azael. This Is The Will (Testament) Of Naphtali, Son Of Jacob. The Chronicles Of Moses. The Death Of Aaron, Of Blessed Memory. The Smiting Of The Firstborn. The Rebellion Of Korah. The Eight Exiles. The Children Of Moses. Elchanan The Merchant. The Midrash Of Ahab Ben Qolaya And Zedekiah Ben Ma'aseyah. The History Of Susanna. The Beating Of The Grave. The Throne Of Solomon, King Of Israel. The Book Of The Maccabee.
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