The Book Of Kings

Autor: James Hastings

Wydawnictwo: Jazzybee Verlag

Here is a gold mine for the preacher, the teacher and the father and mother in the home who have it in mind to inculcate sound teaching, based upon the Word of God, so that the boys and girls of the congregations, Sunday-Schools and households may be thoroughly rooted and grounded in the essentials of the Christian faith. There are many volumes in this series of short addresses and they cover the entire range of the Holy Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation. The material gathered here is fresh and varied and there is just enough of it to furnish the groundwork of the preacher's sermon, the Sunday school teacher's talk and the parent's reading and comment. Contents: A Throne For The King's Mother. Day-Dreams. The Tree Of The Lord. Narrow Lights. Rehoboam The Unwise. Pretending. Trust And Get The Blessing. Lame Minds. Little Things. The Letter "I." Boasting. Busyness And Business. Cheating God. The Little Word "But." Some Great Thing. Seeing The Unseen. The King's Crown. Money-Boxes. A "Reliable" Story.
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