The Principles of Masonic Law

Autor: Albert G. Mackey

Wydawnictwo: Jazzybee Verlag

This treatise on the Constitutional Laws, Usages and Landmarks of Freemasonry" is doubtless one of the most important and invaluable works in a Freemasonic library. Contents: Preface. Introduction. The Authorities for Masonic Law. Book First - The Law of Grand Lodges. Chapter I. Historical Sketch. Chapter II. Of the Mode of Organizing Grand Lodges. Chapter III. Of the Members of a Grand Lodge. Chapter IV. Of the Officers of a Grand Lodge. Chapter V. Of the Powers and Prerogatives of a Grand Lodge. Book Second - Laws of Subordinate Lodges. Chapter I. Of the Nature and Organization of Subordinate Lodges. Chapter II. Of Lodges under Dispensation. Chapter III. Of Lodges Working under a Warrant of Constitution. Chapter IV. Of the Officers of a Subordinate Lodge. Chapter V. Of Rules of Order. Book Third - The Law of Individuals. Chapter I. Of the Qualifications of Candidates. Chapter II. Of the Rights of Entered Apprentices. Chapter III. Of the Rights of Fellow Crafts. Chapter IV. Of the Rights of Master Masons. Chapter V. Of the Rights of Past Masters. Chapter VI. Of Affiliation. Chapter VII. Of Demitting. Chapter VIII. Of Unaffiliated Masons. Book Fourth - Of Masonic Crimes and Punishments. Chapter I. Of What Are Masonic Crimes. Chapter II. Of Masonic Punishments. Chapter III. Of Masonic Trials. Chapter IV. Of the Penal Jurisdiction of a Lodge. Chapter V. Of Appeals. Chapter VI. Of Restoration.
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