Conjugial Love

Autor: Emanuel Swedenborg

Wydawnictwo: Jazzybee Verlag

This is the extended annotated edition including a very detailed biography about Swedenborg, his life and his writings. This work, published in 1768, when Swedenborg was eighty years of age, was the first of the author's theological works on the title of which his name appeared. It treats of the relation of the sexes; of the nature and origin of love truly conjugial and of its indissoluble nature; of the marriage of the Lord and the Church, and its correspondence; of the spiritual conjunction of partners in true marriage; of the change effected in both sexes by marriage; of the causes of disaffection, separations, and divorces; of the causes of apparent love, friendship, and favor in marriage; and of iterated marriages. To which is appended a treatise on Adulterous or Scortatory Love in its various degrees, showing it to be in its nature the very opposite of Conjugial Love.
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