The Influence Of The Zodiac Upon Human Life

Autor: Eleanor Kirk

Wydawnictwo: Jazzybee Verlag

Although countless volumes have been written upon the subject of Astrology, this is the only book which states the simple principles of the Zodiac in simple terms, making the entire matter clear to the average understanding. This volume indicates the Location, Characteristics, and Influence of each Sign of the Zodiac, giving the Days which each sign governs, and the Gems and Astral Colors associated with each. The Diseases of the Body, how to cure them, and the Faults of Character incidental to the different Domains. The Methods of Growth for each human being. The Domains from which Companions, Husbands, and Wives should be selected. The Characteristics of Children born in different Domains, and the Conditions to be observed in their Care and Education. The personal Ability and Talent of the individual with reference to Domestic, Social, and Business success.
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