Sky Island

Autor: L. Frank Baum

Wydawnictwo: Jazzybee Verlag

This is the illustrated edition including beautiful drawings by John R. Neill. After having explored the world under the sea in the book "The Sea Fairies", Trot and Cap'n Bill take to the air to visit Sky Island, with the help of Button-Bright, an old friend from Oz, and his magic umbrella. They have many exciting adventures among the Blue and Pink sky peoples. Trot becomes Queen of the Pink Country because there is a law stating that "the person, whether man or woman, boy or girl, living in the Pink Country, who has the lightest skin, shall be the Ruler—King or Queen—as long as he or she lives, unless some one of a lighter skin is found." Polychrome, whom we have already met in The Road to Oz. appears in this story, since she of course lives in the sky regions.
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