My Best Short Stories

Autor: Stephen Crane

Wydawnictwo: Jazzybee Verlag

This edition contains a wealth of Stepen Crane's best and most important short stories. Here comes an excerpt of the contents: The Open Boat A Man And Some Others The Bride Comes To Yellow Sky The Wise Men The Five White Mice Flanagan And His Short Filibustering Adventure Horses Death And The Child An Experiment In Misery The Men In The Storm The Duel That Was Not Fought An Ominous Baby A Great Mistake An Eloquence Of Grief The Auction The Pace Of Youth A Detail The Monster The Blue Hotel His New Mittens The Angel Child Lynx-Hunting The Lover And The Telltale "Showin' Off" Making An Orator Shame The Carriage-Lamps The Knife The Stove The Trial, Execution, And Burial Of Homer Phelps The Fight The City Urchin And The Chaste Villagers A Little Pilgrimage The Reluctant Voyagers The Kicking Twelfth The Upturned Face. The Shrapnel Of Their Friends. "And If He Wills, We Must Die." ...
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