Great Battles Of The Great War

Autor: Stephen Crane

Wydawnictwo: Jazzybee Verlag

"Great Battles Of The Great War" is a masterwork of historical battle narratives of the First World War. Stephen Crane published this book for the Daily Chronicle. There are numerous maps added and it offers a perfect understanding of many military actions in the course of the war. Contents: I. The Heroic Defence Of Liége II. The Occupation Of Brussels. III. The Giant Conflict At Mons IV. The Masterly British Retreat. V. How Retreat Led To Victory VI. Louvain: The Brand Of Shame VII. The Dramatic Turning Point VIII. Paris Prepares For Siege IX. The Battle Of The Marne X. The Germans Hurled Back XI. The Battle Of The Rivers XII. A Historic Tug-Of-War XIII. The Fall Of Antwerp XIV. The Fight For The Channel XV. Britannia Rules The Waves XVI. At Helgoland And Elsewhere XVII. Losses And Gains At Sea XVIII. The Eastern Campaign XIX. The Conquering Russians XX. The Clash Of Slav And Teuton XXI. Great Events On The Vistula
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