Bride Of Lammermoor

Autor: Sir Walter Scott

Wydawnictwo: Jazzybee Verlag

Although the period of this tragedy of Lammermoor is placed within the reign of William and Mary, the story (unlike most of the others) has little historical connection. It tells, instead, of the feud of two Scotch families, which—as in "Romeo and Juliet''—brings woe to two lovers who have dared plight their troth despite the ancestral hatred. Scott states that it is based closely upon fact. Edgar of Ravenswood is the last of a noble house which has formerly been rich and powerful; but his father, having been involved in the Jacobite cause, is ousted from the family estates by Sir William Ashton. After the old lord's death, nothing remains to Edgar save the dilapidated Tower of Wolf's Crag, and the fidelity of two ancient servants Mysie and Caleb. Shortly after his father's funeral, the young man rescues Sir William and his daughter Lucy from the charge of an infuriated bull, and thus wins the respect of his ancient enemy and a warmer interest on the part of the maiden ...
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