Anne Of Geierstein

Autor: Sir Walter Scott

Wydawnictwo: Jazzybee Verlag

In point of time, this romance follows close upon "Quentin Durward," Charles the Bold being a leading figure in both. Here, however, the scene is largely Switzerland, while the characters are drawn from several countries. An idyllic romance between a Swiss maiden and an English refugee has for background the gathering cloud of the battle of Nancy. John Philipson, an English "merchant," and his son Arthur, are travelling with a guide through Switzerland, when Arthur narrowly escapes death over a cliff's edge. He is rescued by Anne of Geierstein, a mountain maiden, who conducts him to the home of her uncle, Arnold Biederman. Arthur distinguishes himself at archery and thus arouses the jealousy of Anne's suitor, Rudolph Donnerhugel, who challenges him to a duel with swords. This is frustrated by the maiden, who has overheard the quarrel. Arthur and his father are invited to join a deputation of Swiss who are on their way to lay a grievance before Charles the Bold, on account of excessive taxation. The travellers are denied admittance to Basle, although provided with food by its citizens. They take refuge in the ruins of a castle, and while Arthur is on guard he fancies he sees an apparition resembling Anne of Geierstein ...
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