The Story of Philadelphia

Autor: Lillian Ione Rhoades

Wydawnictwo: Jazzybee Verlag

Philadelphia is especially rich in historic associations. In its halls were enunciated those principles of human rights that gave birth to free institutions. Here were assembled those patriotic men whose wise words and brave deeds laid the foundations and gave shape to the temple of American liberty. Here was written the Declaration of Independence, the most -distinguished state paper ever drafted by human pen. Here stands Independence Hall, in which that Declaration was debated, adopted, and signed. Here, in a little house, still standing, was designed the American flag, that now floats over the grandest nation of all time. Here, in one of our streets, was sent up the silken kite that proved the identity of the electric spark and the lightning's flash. Here are buildings hallowed by the presence of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Franklin.The object of " The Story of Philadelphia" is to present, in condensed form, some of the most interesting events in the history of the city. The story is one of patriotic interest, and no one can follow it without feeling a deeper pride in the city and its institutions.
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