The History of Salt Lake City and its Founders, Volume 2

Autor: Edward William Tullidge

Wydawnictwo: Jazzybee Verlag

Tullidge's monumental work on the beautiful desert metropolis, its history and growth, its evolution and its most significant troubles is obviously also a history of Mormonism and its growth and development in Utah, written by "authority of the Council and under supervision of its Committee on Revision," and therefore giving a picture of Mormonism in the most favorable light in which it is possible to present the institution to the public. There are too many outside evidences of material prosperity and thrift everywhere to be seen in the resourceful valley where the Mormon emigrants from Illinois and Missouri began to make their home in July, 1847, and the vitality of the community has been too plainly manifested on many occasions, for any one easily to escape the conclusion that the "Mormon question," as it is called, is still one of no insignificant importance. Why and how it has become of such material significance is probably more fully explained in thus volume than in any other one work published. This is volume two out of two.
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