Autor: Hoshang Khambatta

Wydawnictwo: Normed

The works of Plato, who is considered to be the father of Western Philosophy, are in the form of dialogues conducted by Socrates, his mentor. The late Professor of Philosophy, Walter Kaufmann, of Princeton University noted that many intelligent people read Plato for pleasure. However, we could not find all of Plato’s Dialogues in a concise form in a single English language volume. Our presentation is the first and only such endeavor to make a brief introduction to Plato’s work available to all. In this book we have presented the highlights of each of Plato’s Dialogues, preceded by a brief overview. This book is directed to those wanting an introduction to the roots of Ancient Western Philosophy, but not at the level for a Plato scholar or someone studying for a doctorate in philosophy. Written in modern colloquial English, this book will also be of interest to a young person who has reached an age of understanding. It will not replace the conventional English language 1500 page book of Plato’s Dialogues, but rather will provide a readily available starting point to it. We hope that this book will challenge the inquisitive mind to delve further into these ancient thoughts and discover how they apply in today’s world. Following overwhelming requests from our readers, a comprehensive index has been added to the 2nd revised edition
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