How To Overcome Depressions By Yourself

Autor: Sonja Schoch

Wydawnictwo: GES Verlag Ltd.

BookSadness is a part of life. But depressions aren't a must.There are very different types of depressions with a varietyof causes.In this book the various kinds and causes are described inan easily understandable way. But – and that's the mostimportant – you may additionally learn how to overcomedepressions by yourself.These tips originating from our practice may lead tosuccess within a very short time.The AuthorThe known non-medical practitioner Mrs. Sonja Schoch and her husband Mr. Rainer Schoch run a prosperous practice for naturopathy in Obersulm near Heilbronn. The couple Schoch has very thoroughly dealt with chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases, ADHD, borreliosis and neurological diseases as well as their healing. They aim at supporting concerned persons so that those will be able to help themselves. They have developed special therapies against borreliosis, ADHD, depressions, chronic and autoimmune diseases which they apply with outstanding success.
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