The Development of Tourism: The Case of Siberia and the Omsk Region

Autor: Sergei E. Metelev

Wydawnictwo: Libertas

Scientifically exact and well-founded, the Rector and the staff of the Russian Economic University, Omsk Branch, paint a “real vision”: the tourism development of Siberia and in particular the Omsk region. This book contains a vision - but a realistic one - which could be reached by some steps. Based on an internal brainstorming at this university and on a conference in April 2013, the tasks are described. The objective is the development of tourism - a job machine, and this in a region which offers more than one thinks. The contributors of the book offer to surf in the nature which is harsh, but beautiful in its own way. The variety of landscapes and climatic conditions provides the possibility to develop different types of tourisms, depending on the purpose of the travel. As such, the book covers such fields as rural business, event, cultural, educational, religious, recreational, active, medical-health and ecological tourisms.
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