Economic Security Policy of the Russian Federation

Autor: Sergei E. Metelev

Wydawnictwo: Libertas

The book is devoted to the theoretical and methodological fundamentals and practical issues of economic security in Russia and its regions. The authors review threats and measures to ensure economic security, deliver analysis technique for revealing propensity for corruption in the regulations and management decisions. They examine the strategy of economic security of Russia, some indicators that characterize the economic security of the state, the conception of regional economic security as a component of Russia’s economic security, external and internal threats to the economic security of the region and economic security as a comprehensive evaluation of socio-economic development of the region. Particular attention is paid to identification of the ways ensuring the economic security of Russia at the federal and regional levels. The book is helpful for all interested in the field of national, economic and other types of security, state-owned and municipal governance, management of corporations and enterprises, economists, sociologists and marketing experts.
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