Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Fully Illustrated Version)

Autor: Mark Twain

Wydawnictwo: Null Papier Verlag

*** Fully Illustrated Version with 173 optimized graphics *** "You don't know about me without you have read a book by the name of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; but that ain't no matter. That book was made by Mr. Mark Twain, and he told the truth, mainly. There was things which he stretched, but mainly he told the truth. That is nothing. I never seen anybody but lied one time or another, without it was Aunt Polly, or the widow, or maybe Mary. Aunt Polly-Tom's Aunt Polly, she is-and Mary, and the Widow Douglas is all told about in that book, which is mostly a true book, with some stretchers, as I said before." One of the Great American Novels, characterized by local color regionalism. The book is noted for its colorful description of people and places along the Mississippi River. The drifting journey of Huck and his friend Jim, a runaway slave, down the Mississippi River on their raft may be one of the most enduring images of escape and freedom in all of American literature. With the beautiful pictures by Edward Winsor Kemble, all optimized for digital reading. Check out the Sample Version.
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