Get to know Baden-Baden

Autor: Manfred Söhner

Wydawnictwo: Aquensis Verlag

Welcome to Baden-Baden! Take your time visiting Baden-Baden. Our city offers something for everyone. Visit the unique thermal spas, the Kurhaus (conference centre), the Trinkhalle (pump room), the colonnades or the world famous Museum Frieder Burda. Or enjoy nature and stroll along the avenue Lichtentaler Allee, one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Baden-Baden though, has a lot more to offer: Visit the roman bath ruins. Or mount Florentine, the market square and the lovely Collegiate church. And how about a detour to the old castle, or a leisurely but exciting funicular railway ride to the summit of the Baden-Baden’s landmark mountain, the 700 meter Merkur? This town guide is a good reference for simply getting to know Baden-Baden better. Hopefully you will experience sunny and happy days during your stay in our city. Discover Baden-Baden and have fun!
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