The Time Traveler, Part 1

Autor: Hardy Manthey

Wydawnictwo: EDITION digital

The e-book describes the breathtaking adventures of a young woman traveling through space and time. She is a strikingly beautiful, blonde and above all, an intelligent woman from Sweden, who has successfully studied medicine in Munich. Her blind love for a man plunges her into the adventure of her life. Her experiences in this novel and in its sequels describe in an alarmingly realistic manner what women have endured for many thousands of years, some of them even today. Maria Lindstroem is the only one who survives a flight to Pluto and lands safely back on earth - but 150 years before the birth of Christ. As Aphrodite, she joins nomads on their way to Carthage, a city in present-day Tunisia. In the still undestroyed ancient city, she finds herself in chains and must serve her master as a coveted whore. Not only does Aphrodite suffer the wretched slave life, but she is even more worried that she won‘t survive the 3rd Punic War and the destruction of Carthage. But this very knowledge about the future of the city is her salvation. Will she succeed to leave Carthage in time to send a message to the 22nd century from which she started as Maria? The book describes very exciting and addictive events leading to her continuing storyline. The author has greatly revised his first work with the 2nd edition and taken into account the critical, yet nevertheless enthusiastic references.
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