Above the Law (Serapis Classics)

Autor: Max Brand

Wydawnictwo: Serapis Classics

HER eyes were like the sky on a summer night, a color to be dreamed of but never reproduced. From the golden hair to the delicate hands which cupped her chin a flower-like loveliness kept her aloof from her surroundings, like a rare pearl set in base metal. Her companion, young and darkly handsome, crumpled in a hand, scarcely less white than hers, the check which the waiter had left. In the mean time he gazed with some concern at his companion. Her lips stirred; she sighed. "Two dollars for ham," she murmured. "Can you beat it, Freddie?" "He sort of sagged when we slipped him the order," answered the dark and distinguished youth. "I guess the hens are only making one-night stands in this country." "They've got an audience, anyway," she returned, "and that's more than we could draw!" She opened her purse and passed two bills to him under the table. "Why the camouflage?" he asked, as he took the money. "Freddie," she said, "run your glass eye over the men in this joint. If they see you pay for the eats with my money, they'd take you for a skirt in disguise." A light twinkled for an instant far back in her eyes. "Take me for a skirt?" said Frederick Montgomery, in his most austere manner. "Say, cutie, lay off on the rough stuff and get human. The trouble with you, La Belle Geraldine, is that you forget your real name is Annie Kerrigan." Her lazy smile caressed him. "Freddie," she purred, "you do your dignity bit, the way Charlie Chaplin would do Hamlet." Mr. Montgomery scowled upon her, but the dollar bills in the palm of his hand changed the trend of his thoughts at once...
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