The Science Fiction Archive #4

Autor: Fritz Leiber

Wydawnictwo: Aeterna Classics

The fourth incredible installment of the Science Fiction Archive, edited by the time-traveling genius Rey Bertran! Featuring: Proof of the Pudding, by Robert Sheckley Where the World is Quiet, by C.H. Liddell Business for the Lawyers, by Ralph Robin The Observers, by G.L. Vandenburg Infinite Intruder, by Alan Nourse Where the PHPH Pebbles Go, by Miriam Allen DeFord The Snare, by Richard Smith X Marks the Pedwalk, by Fritz Leiber Education of a Martian, by Joseph Shallit The Light on Precipice Peak, by Stephen Tall Not Fit for Children, by Evelyn E. Smith Thin Edge, by Johnathan Blake Mackenzie Where There's Hope, by Jerome Bixby Mars Confidential, By Jack Lait & Lee Mortimer What Do You Read?, by Boyd Ellanby The Moons of Mars, by Dean Evans Fee of the Frontier, by H.B. Fyfe Sweet Tooth, by Robert Young The Highest Mountain, by Bryce Walton Half Past Alligator, by Donald Colvin The Rag and Bone Men, by Algis Budrys
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