MacArthur Park - A Justice Security Short Story

Autor: T. M. Bilderback

Wydawnictwo: T. M. Bilderback

Megan Beck has been asked to perform a highly top-secret job for Justice Security, assigned by their FBI liaison, Marcus Moore.Megan is given sparse instructions on what she is to do, but no information about why she’s doing this particular job, or who the target might be.The job, unfortunately, has to be done on the night of her husband’s birthday. Dexter is understanding, but disappointed. Dexter had planned to celebrate with her and his brother that night.Facing disappointment at missing Dexter’s first birthday since they were married, Megan stoically performs the top secret job.The outcome of this mysterious mission surprises everyone, but the biggest surprise in the Donna Summer song-inspired story "MacArthur Park" is reserved for Megan Beck!
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